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A Tour of Mike Locy

January 23, 2020

In December, Division 45 celebrated the retirement of Mike Locy, Safety Specialist. The safety team gave him a fishing rod and reel for his retirement. Division 45, with Shawn Jones, presented Mike with a chainsaw and a hardhat signed by all. 

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A Tribute to Bernie Kelly

January 21, 2020

After 35+ years, we congratulate Bernie Kelly on his retirement from the LEWIS family of companies. Although there were many wonderful speeches from the senior executives during the farewell luncheon, following is the tribute from Tom Rogers, CEO. 

Humble, kind, caring, cheerful, intelligent, pure in heart, salt of the earth, encouraging, positive...

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A Tribute to Jim Stenger, CFO

March 22, 2018

When Jim began his career 50 years ago, the:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average was 943 points
  • Average cost of a home was $4,344
  • Average rent was $130/month
  • Average income was $7,850
  • And a gallon of gas was $0.34
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