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Ten Ways to Achieve Zero Lost-time Incidents

Posted by Dennis Brown, COO on Feb 13, 2018 2:03:13 PM

Zero utility line clearance lost-time incidents

As all of you know, I ask repeatedly, "What will you do today to achieve zero lost-time incidents?" This question isn't just for our vegetation management operations leadership and safety specialists, it's for the entire organization. We want you to be posing this to all of your team members and listening to their answers. We have an opportunity to influence our outcomes at every level and make a difference.

We need to:

  1. Communicate clearly and send a consistent message.
  2. Equip our teams for success and measure their progress.
  3. Recognize and celebrate achievements—safety and performance.
  4. Identify strong performers. Lift them up.
  5. Make certain, with no exceptions, that our craftworkers are following our policies and procedures. Their primary tasks are to go out in the field and perform their work according to the policies they were trained on—without incident.
  6. Ensure our onboarding and ongoing training continues to emphasize our policies.
  7. Make corrections quickly and employ fair consequence management.
  8. Take the temperature of our culture in every area and remove bad actors from the culture without hesitation.
  9. Build morale through positive leadership presence.
  10. Slow down. Simplify our work. Stay fresh.

We can eliminate lost-time incidents if we want it bad enough. And I believe this team wants it bad enough.

Stay safe and do the right thing.

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