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TCIA Safety Award: Safety Turnaround

Posted by Rich Evon, Division Manager on Feb 18, 2019 3:00:00 PM

We are extremely proud that Ian Clarke, General Foreman, was recognized by the Tree Care Industry Association at its Winter Management Conference with a TCIA Safety award for the extraordinary cultural shift he implemented to a Total Safety Culture. 

In 2017, Ian Clarke had an OSHA rate well below the Lewis standards but was determined to make a difference.

In 2018, Ian proactively participated in an in-depth, internal safety  program that consisted of significant management oversight, written and verbal commitments to safety, >2X the number of average crew audits, increased documentation and heightened corporate involvement). It was an exhaustive process which was uncomfortable at times yet he met every requirement.

At the same time, to further his commitment to a culture of safety and becoming a better leader, Ian became a certified TCIA treecare safety professional (TCSP).

In 2018, Ian had zero OSHA recordables.

Ian dusted himself off and got back on his horse—with tremendous results. We believe that he sets the example for all that a having a bad year doesn’t define you; how you react defines you.

TCIA Safety Award Emergency Response

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