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Summer at Paul Smith's College

Posted by Mark Rowe, Training & Safety Supervisor on Nov 8, 2019 3:55:47 PM

At the end of August, Lewis Tree Service Division 21 performed a demonstration of some of our operations at Paul Smith’s College School of Logging in the northern region of New York’s Adirondack State Park. Paul Smith’s College is the only four-year institution of higher education in the park and its 14,000-acre campus is one of the largest in the world. The students were from different areas of New York and New England—and one student was from Germany. Although not Paul Smith’s college students, they were eager to learn all the same.

We had the pleasure of being guided and hosted by Tom Bartiss, Paul Smith’s Forest Manager who is doing great work at furthering opportunities within the large campus. We demonstrated three different operations: line clearance from a bucket truck, line clearance while climbing, and backpack spraying for vegetation management. We incorporated many aspects of our operations into the demonstration, including our PJHS, work zone and drop zone setup, the Nine to Know, proper PPE, MAD, proper climbing, spraying, and chipping procedures, to name a few.

After the demonstrations, the students got a chance to demo each of the operations which they really enjoyed. They asked great questions and gave us positive feedback. Our goal for the demonstration was to introduce an avenue of tree work to the students in which they could make a career while also exposing them to many different possibilities in the tree care and utility industries. At the end of our demonstration, we asked the students what we could do to improve the demonstration (or what did other demonstrators do that you liked, that you wish we did). Their response was that our demonstration was the best of the whole course. To say the least, we were humbled.

Vegetation Management Training

Group photo featuring the students along with Josh Ames, Paul Gardner, Geoffery Macrabie, Riley Schmaler, Mark Rowe, Nick Duda and Justin Cole

Training bucket truck utility tree trimming
Bucket truck PJHS being led by Nick Duda and Riley Schmaler

Utility line clerance bucket truck Work Zone setup
Bucket truck work zone set-up being led by Paul Gardner

Vegetation management training for climbing
PJHS review for climbing led by Justin Cole

False crotch training for college students
Review of false crotch led by Mark Rowe

We hire and train college students
Spray group with Josh Ames

We hire college arborists
Student setting up to trim with Paul Gardner

setting up false crotch for ascent

Setting up false crotch for ascent 


Climbing training with spikes and adjustable false crotch

Climbing with spikes and adjustable false crotch 

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