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Six Encouraging Steps to Foster Leadership

Posted by Jack Guffy, Senior Vice President on Jul 2, 2018 11:28:02 AM

Clarity and Vision

The following blog post is short but sweet—and contains six encouraging steps that foster leadership at all levels. Whether you're trimming trees around utility lines, raising children to become their best selves, leading large teams to achieve greatness or anything in between, they're steps that I live by and shared during a recent Monday morning call. 

  1. Absolute clarity is key for forward momentum. The clearer your vision, goals and action plans are, the faster you will achieve them.
  1. A great #2 helps you to become a great #1. It is one of the few silver bullets in business.
  1. The value of empathy in life and business cannot be overstated. This is critical not only for great parents, but also for great leaders.
  1. Partner with existing clients to bring additional value. The value of existing clients can often be overlooked. When you partner, you can create even more value for them as well as new and existing clients.
  2. Communication does not equal understanding. Never assume others understand your ideas just because you shared them. Spend time discussing so others can ask questions, poke holes, and learn how the dots are connected.
  1. Take things one day at a time. This applies to how you run your operations (with daily budgets and goals), and how you behave professionally (by setting daily goals and intentions, and reviewing your results the next day).

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