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Right Place/Right Time

Posted by Laura Ribas on May 13, 2021 2:46:43 PM

What are the chances that Lewis General Foreman Bill Pearson would be at the right place/right time twice in one year?

TCIA safety award winning general foreman

We received the following story verbatim from a utility customer in Florida:

“While driving in Port Charlotte today, Bill was randomly flagged down by a customer who informed him of a concern he had with a palm he was trimming in his backyard. The homeowner had climbed an aluminum ladder and cut most of the way through the palm with an uninsulated gas-powered pole saw, but it got pinched (no notch made). 

Bill immediately noticed the severity of the situation as the tree was up against the service drop and near the open-wire secondary, primary, and transformer. The cuts made by the homeowner had the palm ready to fall towards the (utility) facilities. He quickly called the nearest tree crews to the site to safely remove the palm prior to it causing an outage.

After the work was done, Bill spoke to the customer about the multiple safety hazards that were apparent to the site and asked that the customer never trim around the power-lines in the future.

This is a great example of field awareness and doing the right thing by taking the time to stop and address customer concerns, even if they don’t pertain to the current job you are working.”


During Hurricane Delta storm restoration in Louisiana, GF Bill Pearson was under the carport off the lobby of their hotel when he abruptly hung up during a hurricane planning call by stating, “I have to go, somebody’s having a seizure.” A hotel guest, in proximity to Bill, began shaking. Bill quickly realized that something was wrong and caught the man in his arms. While the hotel staff panicked (and “ran around like ants carrying a defibrillator”), Bill stabilized the hotel guest until paramedics arrived. It’s amazing that he was there to catch that person before he fell backwards possibly hitting his head, hurting himself while on the ground with nearby chairs or worse: getting an electric pulse from the defibrillator by an untrained hotel staff.

Congratulations to Bill for winning a safety award from the Tree Care Industry Association. We are #LewisProud! 

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