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Responsible and Trustworthy: An HR Perspective

Posted by Lily Lee, Manager Human Resources on Jan 28, 2019 3:07:00 PM

Responsible and trustworthy in utility vegetation management

How Do We Build a Responsible and Trusting Way of Life?

Let's look our last two operating principles as described in the Lewis employee handbook:

Being Responsible is ethically maintaining a constant focus on the best interests of our employees, customers and communities where we work and live.” One of the fruits of carrying out responsibilities develops us to become trusted cohorts to one another.

Being Trustworthy and Trusting creates a safe environment where all employees are encouraged to share their ideas, creativity and beliefs in an open manner across traditional barriers.”

At an early age, we learn the vital responsibility of shaping success by taking care of our self, others, our homes, business and community. One’s life journey reflects the results of all the decisions we will ever make. After all, who would intentionally plan for failure -- and who is to judge, and by what means measure, this success? Right or wrong, we learn from our mistakes not to repeat them; better yet, a smarter strategy is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. We make better decisions through collective team-think that can navigate and yield desirable outcomes. Whether we agree or disagree on a subject or situation, it is important to be open-minded and to respond generously and kindly to all the people we work with regardless of title, authority or position without hesitation.

“Taking responsibility for being exactly where you are gives you the power to be exactly where you want to be. – Unknown

Responsible leaders, who respond proactively with words or actions, earn our trust and peace of mind so that we know we can count on them to follow through on deliverables, lean on their wisdom and acuity to steer us through sunshine, rain or storms. When we become increasingly more improvement-minded, acting with integrity, honest enough to be transparent and surpassing our personal, social or business responsibilities, we naturally become revered leaders of excellence within all levels of our organization!

“Don’t let broken trust rust out your relationships” and "Leaders cannot lose trust and continue to influence others. Trust is the foundation of leadership.” – John C. Maxwell

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