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Rally Around the Old Oak Tree

Posted by Rocky Robinson, Division Manager on Feb 11, 2020 2:27:09 PM

The following text and images were sent to us from a homeowner in Clearwater, FL, and feature the utility line clearance crews from Division 16. Please join us as we welcome Shirley, our second guest blogger! Enjoy. 

Florida Utility Line Clearance

When Lewis Tree Service crews arrived with all their equipment, they informed tenants of their presence, how long they thought they would be around and, if anyone had questions, gave us a person onsite to talk to. NO issues came up throughout the entire two days.

We Hire Tree Trimmers in Florida

Hiring Tree Workers in Clearwater Florida

The professionalism of the workers was much appreciated as many of the residents of the condo have lived here for over a decade and were very sad to see the trees being trimmed and possibly completely removed.

The workers were very friendly and did a wonderful job of cleaning up each area as they went along; always considerate of the tenants who had to come and go either walking or in their cars. 

Balcony View of Tree Trimmers

We Hire and Train in Clearwater Florida

I wanted the workers, as well as Lewis Tree Service and the utility, to see themselves actually doing work. I have always thought they never get the chance to see how efficient their process goes as they all seem to work together, each having their own task as well as all helping each other along the way.

Florida Utility Vegetation Management

Florida Chipping Brush

We Hire Vegetation Managers in Florida

Utility Tree Trimming Florida

Utility Tree Removal Florida

At the end of the two days, a full moon showed itself. Beautiful evening and a wonderful job. Please show your workers what a great job they do. Happy New Year to all!

Moon over Clearwater Florida

Our many thanks to Shirley for taking the time to document our crews and send us all of these photos and her accompanying story! All in all, she captured over 160 images of our vegetation management crews in the field and we appreciate them. 

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