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Operating Principle: Trustworthy

Posted by Paul Landavere, Regional Vice President on Jul 31, 2018 7:00:00 AM


Being trustworthy is being able to be relied on to do, or provide, what is needed or right: deserving of trust. 

TRUST is the one thing that changes everything.

When we look, trust is woven into the fabric of our lives. It touches our person, relationships, family, organization, nation and civilization itself. Trust deeply impacts us daily. It affects the quality of our interactions with each other both at work and home. Trust is real, tangible and quantifiable. Trust is not something you can buy and sell. It’s earned over time through trials and tribulations. Tempered and strengthened, it grows with each interaction. It is the core foundation to any successful organization that wants to build a legacy that lasts the test of time.

We are building such a foundation on this core value at Lewis Tree Service where being labeled as “trustworthy” is a badge of honor.

My challenge for everyone is to ask your direct reports two questions:

  1. Can you trust me as a boss?
  2. What do you want and expect from me?
I trust everyone will be safe, productive and trustworthy at all times.

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