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Improvement-minded: An HR Perspective

Posted by Kayla Melton Marsh, Human Resource Generalist on Jan 7, 2019 2:53:00 PM

Improvement-minded in utility line clearance

An unwavering focus on improvement is one of the many things that sets Lewis Tree Service apart from other organizations. Herein lies an inability to accept the status quo, and a persistence that is never satiated. How can we cultivate a workforce that will aid in our relentless drive of forward progress?

Part of the answer is to start at the beginning, by recruiting and selecting diverse candidates in your own organization. Candidates of different races, genders, ethnicities, religions, etc. are valuable to our teams, bringing with them backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives different from our own. These diverse outlooks provide teams with opportunities to collaborate and arrive at innovative solutions they may not have had the scope for otherwise.

Interviews are a great tool in the selection process to help determine the fit of a candidate with our company. Does your candidate have an improvement-minded approach that would make him or her a great fit on a learning team? Try posing an interview question such as, “What is one thing you are working to improve in yourself?” It will assess the candidate’s view of self-improvement and if it’s something he or she is passionate about. 

Don’t stop with recruiting and selecting diverse, forward-thinking candidates. Make our continuous improvement culture stick by creating a safe space for our craft workers to voice their opinions. Encourage discussion and collaboration, and model your own willingness to learn among your diverse teams. You’ll be amazed what novel ideas may come of it.

“To create powerful teams, we must embrace different perspectives. The strength of a team comes from its ability to see problems and solutions from various angles. “–Ricardo Palomares

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