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Igniting a Radically Inspired Life: What More Can I Do?

Posted by Erik Beck, Manager IT and Service, Information Services on Apr 10, 2018 7:00:00 AM

The following is the final installment of a three-part blog series based on the legendary inspirational speaker John O’Leary and bestselling author of ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life who was the keynote speaker at Ultimate Software’s Connections 2018 conference in March.

After reminding the audience at Ultimate Software’s Connections Conference the importance of motivating others, O’Leary closed things out with the last question of igniting a radically inspired life: “What more can I do?”

Helping Others in Vegetation Management

O’Leary pointed out that, when asking this question, we are really asking ourselves “What steps could I have taken to avoid this hardship?”

While it is important to learn from mistakes, dwelling on that question retroactively adds little value to moving forward; rather, we should try to – you guessed it – change our perspective. O’Leary argued that we should be asking ourselves what more we can do to help those around us.

We should use every opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of everyone we encounter. O’Leary continued, “This is more than looking out for those close to us. We should bring this mentality to everyone who crosses our path, even for a brief moment. We never know the hardships that others are carrying, and how powerful the actions we take can be in their lives.”

As I reflected on O’Leary’s story and words of wisdom, I realized that the events in O’Leary’s life are a truly remarkable example of extremes: A young child severely burned, inspired by a legendary broadcaster. While our stories may differ, the principles remain the same.

When times are good, be the support that others need and carry positivity with you everywhere you go whether you're at home with your family or in the field trimming trees. Seek out those around you and do everything in your power to ensure they know you care, and you are there for them.

When times are bad, focus on the positive and moving forward. Focus on those in your life who motivate you, challenge you and are there for you. Keep your head up and remember that you. and you alone, control the attitude you present. I think O’Leary said it best “You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.”

It’s all about changing your perspective. 

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