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Wilson Demonstrates Hard Hat Safety with Falling Tree Limb

Posted by Rich Evon, Division Manager on Jun 14, 2019 4:13:39 PM

Division 20 (Southern New England) spent the day last week in a local park with North American Training Solutions and “Wilson” an ill-fated watermelon wearing a hard hat. Wilson was our friendly fire dummy that demonstrated what happens when a three-foot, 70-pound limb is dropped from 40’ in the air.

It was a dramatic Gallagher-meets-Myth-Busters moment which was “confirmed” by the crushed watermelon.

Utility tree trimming hardhat safety demo


Hard hats are your first line of defense against preventing head injuries but staying out of the drop zone and line of fire are critical. Take a look at the video below. 

HubSpot Video


In addition to safety training (where we discussed Old vs. New View Safety), we reviewed the Lewis culture triangle to remind ourselves that the experiences that we consistently provide to our teammates, in turn, inform their beliefs about our company and our way of doing business. What we believe drives our actions which directly impact our results, outcomes and performance. In short, if we want strong results, we need to create the right culture and experiences for our crews.

HCuttingEdgeFall 2019D20 TrainingIMG_0936

The guys loved this discussion which elicited comments like, “I’ve had some pretty awful experiences” either in other companies/lines of business or even with Lewis in prior years. Sometimes, change needs to come from within! When talking about bringing on new team members and ensuring their long-term success, one of our foremen said, “I need to provide good experiences to this guy on my right.” Yes, it happens by design.

(Interesting sidebar: Do you like our 3’ x 18” culture triangle sign? It was $65 but with the wonderful Staples Rewards Program, we only spent $0.01 of our ESOP dollars!)

A day spent in training is always beneficial for the team especially when we’re served all-you-can-eat barbeque.

Safety training makes utility tree trimmers hungry

One other cool thing happened during lunch that I’m proud to share. A woman backed her pick-up truck to our pile of wood chips and, without prompting, three guys stood up from the picnic table and started shoveling wood chips for her.

Free wood chips and free tree worker help

Yet another great experience that contributes to our continued belief that Lewis has a great team who is always willing to serve others.


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