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Creating Safety in Concord, NC

Posted by Deb Boyce, Safety Manager on Dec 7, 2018 8:00:00 AM

The safety team held a meeting in Concord, NC November 14-15.  The two-day training consisted of intense classroom exercises and discussions led by Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance, and Deb Boyce, Safety Manager, with a visit from Lewis CEO Tom Rogers.  On day two, the safety team and members of Carolina Tree Care along with Phil Hoffman of SHERRILLtree learned more about various climbing techniques and equipment that will ensure safety for utility vegetation management and residential/commercial crews. 

 Ascender safety training for utility vegetation managementRope wrench safety training for utility vegetation management

Bret Kent demonstrates the advantages of a foot ascender and instructs how to properly attach a rope wrench in an SRT system.

Split tail climbing system demo for utility line clearance

Mark Rowe demonstrates variations of the split tail climbing systems.

Climbing demo for tree trimming safety in vegetation management

Jake Rehlander and Bret Kent set up a variety of climbing system demos including DRT and SRT.

The 2019 safety plan for utility line clearance

Bret Kent, Mark Rowe, Victor Moreno, Juan Argueta listen intently to the 2019 Safety Plan

The five cultures of safety maturity

Juan Argueta, Bruce Shafter, Daniel Berrios, Pedro Navarrete, Dennie Ruiz, and Mike Locy learn about the Five Cultures of Safety Maturity 

Creating safety plans for utility line clearance

Steve Fassbender, Eric Witt, Lonnie Peyton, and Greg Moseman creating safety

Total safety culture meeting for utility vegetation management

Dennie Ruiz, Mike Locy, Steve Fassbender, Eric Witt, Lonnie Peyton, Greg Moseman, and Redbird Dunaway are brainstorming with Director Beth Lay


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