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But Wait There's More: Responsible

Posted by Laura Ribas on Aug 24, 2018 1:56:19 PM


Responsible. Response. Able. When it’s broken down, we can ask ourselves: Are we able to be responsive? Do we have the right skill sets? Do we have access to the right tools? Do we fully understand the situation and what actions are required? Do we recognize the impact our actions have on others?

Most importantly, do we care?

When I have the privilege of meeting with our vegetation management customers, I often hear that it’s our ability to be responsive that makes a huge difference in their lives. To them, it means that we are easy to get a hold of, readily address concerns, proactively develop solutions and always put them first.

During a recent customer visit, it boiled down to three components: action, attitude and results.

While Shawn Jones did a fabulous job of capturing what responsibility may mean in the field a few weeks ago, I encourage everyone in a support role to dissect what this particular operating principle may mean to us, as well. Being responsive to our customers, whether it’s our team in operations, our utility line clearance customers, or their customers (e.g., homeowners), is a critical function. Are we responding to phone calls the day we receive them? Are we thoroughly training others?  Are we effectively communicating when changes are made to the way in which we do business? Are we gaining buy-in before the changes are made? Do we take the time to understand the impact our actions have on our internal and external customers?

I don’t need to ask the “do we care” question because I know that the answer is a resounding “yes” among all of us. But I do believe the keys to heighten our organization’s success rest within all of us. If we don’t have the ability to be responsive and responsible in any given situation, let’s figure out why and develop a solution.

I’m proud to be a member of this highly responsible, values-based team.

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