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Storm Trouble: Helping A Local Non-Profit

January 04, 2019

A sunny, crisp, December morning greeted us. Trees and shrubs outlined by the white sparkles of heavy frost only early winter can deliver. It was going to be a good day for outdoor work, the kind when staying warm required only a few light layers once your body started moving. As the vegetation management crews moved their trucks into position...

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Ten Years of ISNetworld Membership

January 02, 2019


Did you know that Lewis Tree Service has been a proud member of ISNetworld since April 25, 2008? We celebrated our ten year anniversary last year. 

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'Tis the Season for GIVING!

December 21, 2018

During the holiday season some families go through hardships and are unable to provide their children with Christmas gifts; this can be a very rough patch for a parent to experience.

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Take a five-minute mental and emotional inventory

December 19, 2018

I shared this message at Thanksgiving but it holds true for Christmas, too! It’s a wonderful time of the year that is most often filled with family and friends.

Please consider just how mentally and emotionally distracted our fellow owners and teammates are this week and next as we face a shortened work week and the excitement of the holiday....

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But Wait There's More: Trustworthy

December 17, 2018

What does it mean to be Trustworthy?

Trustworthiness stands squarely at the intersection of honesty and reliability. It connects authenticity with dependability, sincerity with service, and truth with action. It’s not a skill or a talent that we develop in isolation. Instead, it’s a critical character trait that we necessarily strengthen or...

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But Wait There's More: Acts with Integrity

December 10, 2018

What does Acting with Integrity mean to YOU?

To me, it’s all about the little things we do because the little things influence how we handle the big things. In day-to-day life, it's telling a cashier that he gave you too much change. At work, whether you're in utility line clearance or behind the scenes at corporate, it means doing the right...

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Creating Safety in Concord, NC

December 07, 2018

The safety team held a meeting in Concord, NC November 14-15.  The two-day training consisted of intense classroom exercises and discussions led by Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance, and Deb Boyce, Safety Manager, with a visit from Lewis CEO Tom Rogers.  On day two, the safety team and members of Carolina Tree Care along with...

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What Are We Going to Do Differently?

December 03, 2018

It’s been said that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. So, what does it really mean to “make a difference”?  It’s an oft-used phrase, but have we really thought about what it means?  Is saying “I want to make a difference” enough?  Is simply trying to make a difference enough, or is a tangible improvement...

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Consistency and Courage

November 27, 2018

Whether we're talking about our home lives or our jobs in vegetation management, making a difference takes time and a ton of heart. It’s HARD WORK to make a true difference. Two words come to mind when I think of making a difference.

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D45 Total Safety Culture

November 08, 2018

Kudos to Division 45 for their participation in our Total Safety Culture meeting in Kingston NY. I truly believe this meeting was a success as we had some all of our new employees, as well as some of our most qualified, interacting, communicating and asking questions.

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