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Take a five-minute mental and emotional inventory

December 19, 2018

I shared this message at Thanksgiving but it holds true for Christmas, too! It’s a wonderful time of the year that is most often filled with family and friends.

Please consider just how mentally and emotionally distracted our fellow owners and teammates are this week and next as we face a shortened work week and the excitement of the holiday....

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Ten Ways to Achieve Zero Lost-time Incidents

February 13, 2018

As all of you know, I ask repeatedly, "What will you do today to achieve zero lost-time incidents?" This question isn't just for our vegetation management operations leadership and safety specialists, it's for the entire organization. We want you to be posing this to all of your team members and listening to their answers. We have an...

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Stay Safe: We Have Your Back

January 02, 2018

Just a quick reminder for anyone who couldn't make this week's safety call, we know that many of you are facing bitter cold temperatures in the field. We ask that you make the best decisions possible for your utility line clearance teams (e.g., assess conditions, delay shifts, schedule breaks) and we will support you 100%. 

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Our Goal: ZERO lost-time incidents

November 08, 2017

I hope that those of you who were on our Monday morning safety call remember and have been reflecting on the question that I posed: How will we set ourselves up for success this week?

As always, let’s learn from the past but not dwell upon it. Let’s spend less time talking about what happened during incidents and more time on understanding why....

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